Warp Dynamics Limited

Business Software and Data Science Company

About Us

Warp Dynamics Limited's mission is to provide informatic technologies to help your company to grow and to optimise its procedures.

We are passionate about finding solutions that can cut your costs and increase the effectiveness of your employees. The main idea of our software and services is to help you and your staff to focus on essentials, while the majority of your mundane daily routine will be handled automatically.


We don't seek to develop one huge universal application which suits the needs of all possible customers. Perhaps such an application could exist but at a cost of being overwhelmingly complicated and as such might easily become a burden on the shoulders of your staff instead of being a help to them.

Our approach is different. We believe that each company invented its own unique procedures, ways of doing things that has made them successful. We are not going to change them to fit our product, we are going to embrace them and enhance them by making our product to fit them.

This is why we prepared Prospects — fully functional seed solution, which has all necesary root functionalities for a medium size trading company e. g. invoicing, stock management system, delivery costs calculator, task manager and simple CMR. After deep consultation with you and your staff, we are going to develop these roots into a fully functional application tailor-made exactly for your company.

Data Mining

An application prepared exactly for your needs is one but not the sole key to your success. Being in a business nowdays means processing a lot of information. Do you collect all your data properly? Do you know that you can get more revenue by reuisng the data you collected? If you don't or you are not sure if you are doing this in the most efficient way, we are here to help.

We are specialised not only in the programming of a business managment software but also in data mining and predictive analysis. The founder of Warp Dynamics Limited is not only an experienced programmer but also an awarded data scientist, who has been cooperating for many years with one of leading IT companies in the world — Avast Software.

We are ready to make a deep analysis of your data, monitor the way in which you collect them, suggest improvements and propose you specialised machine learning services in case you want to make use of your data in the processes of automatisation.

A good starting point for a data science advanture in your company is the default data analysis module in Prospects. It can help you visualize your data to see simple relations and to make proper decisions in which directions should we do our research.